Friday Favorites – Wonder Woman Mug

I’ve written before about how dishes make me happy — bowls and plates and even a travel mug. I don’t know where this weird affection for these kinds of things comes from and, frankly, I don’t have much interest in finding out. I’m too busy enjoying my special plates and favorite mugs!

I was surprised to find this in my mail box!

Speaking of favorite mugs… a while back a friend posted on her Facebook that her husband had bought her a Wonder Woman Mug. I immediately replied with “NEED!” because, well, it’s a Wonder Woman mug, and of all the people I know who needs one, it would be me. While I’m not a comic book nerd so much (I’m slowly becoming one, though), Wonder Woman has always held a special place in my heart.

And I know I’m not alone in this. Over on my SRPS blog, I have written more than a couple of post featuring great artwork and crafty items that others have dreamed up to celebrate Wonder Woman.

Even though my “Need!” response was just a joke, I was thrilled to find one in my mailbox the within a week. Seriously. I have some amazing friends! (Thanks Carla and Greg!) And ever since then, this mug has been a regular part of my life. In fact, I’m drinking tea out of it while typing this up!


On the mornings I wake up in a kind of funk, just pulling this Wonder-full (see what I did there?) mug out of the cabinet brings a smile to my face, and helps me remember I’m strong and brave and kind, just like Diana Prince. And, just like her, I need to go out there and kick some ass.


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