Friday Faves

I’m enjoying my time in Kingman,staying with my dear friend Cat’s family with her. Mainly, we’re just spending time sitting and visiting and watching TV and just plain lounging around.

Today, we went out for a bit to visit some of the historic sites around town, which was nice. Kingman is situated along Historic Route 66. Many of the buildings along the highway are old motels. I love the juxtaposition between “historic” buildings and a truly pre-historic landscape.

Kingman through the car window.
The landscape is just so beautiful.

Love the sky!
We stopped by the Mohave County Court House, a grand old building from 1914, with a World War I memorial. Although, I have to agree with Cat, in that I can’t help but see this statue and think, “Save the clock tower!”

Court House, Kingman
Then, once we were done looking at these buildings downtown, we headed over to the old Powerhouse building, where Cat’s mother Arlene works in the Route 66 gift shop.

Powerhouse Visitor Center
While there, we visited the Route 66 Museum.

Route 66 Museum neon sign
Love this hand-made sign!

What does all this have to do with “Friday Faves?” Well, I’m traveling, so you just know I have my favorite, well-loved and well-used (abused?) travel mug. I tell you, when this thing finally fails for good, I’m going to be is serious trouble. I have five or six travel mugs of different styles and sizes, but this one is my favorite, and gets used far more often than any of the others.

My favorite, well-loved, well-used travel mug
Whatever had been printed on the metal plate is long-forgotten. At one time it had a handle, but that broke off probably within the first couple of months of use, leaving a good crack around the outer layer of plastic, which means that sometimes the inner plastic layer sometimes spins freely making it difficult to unscrew the lid when its sat for a long period of time.

But, for all its problems, it is the perfect size, and keeps my tea piping hot for over an hour. The size is perfect for slipping into my book bag when I’m done, which means it was with most of the time when I was commuting to work and during my years in school. And it’s also a well-traveled travel mug. It’s been to Louisiana, Tahoe, Redding, Seattle, Australia, and now Arizona. And, Lord-of-Travel-Mugs willing, it will travel with me to Texas in January, and other exciting places in the future!



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