Monday Musings

Autumn Candle
I read this lovely blog post about lighting candles as an evening ritual during the dark autumn and winter evenings. What a lovely custom. And a great way to create an atmosphere of calm to celebrate this season of turning inward.

This is certainly something I will be working to incorporate into my daily routine for the next couple of months. It will, I hope, be especially, important during the so-called Silly Season, which is already beginning to show up here and there. (I just saw a commercial for Macy’s holiday whatever. Which, considering how little actual, live TV I watch, means that if I’m seeing one, other folks must be seeing dozens.)

While I had a reasonably busy day with the tree guys here, lunch with a friend, working on work stuff, working on blog stuff, baking and cooking, and then getting things ready for work in the garden tomorrow, it’s been kind of nice knowing that come 5 o’clock or so, I’ll light a couple of candles, sit down with a cup of tea and a nice book and enjoy a few precious moments of quiet.


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