Keep on rolling!

Things just keep on rolling around here. And I’m still looking for the perfect balance between all my various interests. I’m always a little confused when people say they’re bored. I can’t even imagine. I can imagine being depressed and not wanting to do anything. I can imagine being too tired to do anything. But being bored? No. Not possible. I just have too many different things competing for my time. So many blog posts I want to write. Books to read. Biographies to research. Games to play. Shows and movies to watch. Gardening tasks that need to get done. Recipes to be tried out.

So yeah. I’m never bored.

Speaking of gardening tasks, this last week saw some actual movement in a positive direction on the back yard/garden area.

Side yard
Look at this mess. The good news is that what you see is all going to go away. In the far corner, on top of that planter box looking thing between the house and the fence, was where he had originally put the spinning compost bin. As you can imagine, once those weeds get after the second or third rain of the season, the chances of me going to dump compostables out there in my slippers and pajamas is pretty darn low. So, I had Eric empty what was in it, and enlisted my friend DJ to help me move it to a more easily accessible area, just to the far left of this photo.

Every thing else is going to go away. All the weeds and grass. The wood in the corner. Even the black compost bin, once its contents get converted to the spinner. Even the fence. I’ve been saving large boxes for a while now, so once everything is moved, and the grass is chopped down a bit, it’s getting covered with cardboard and lots of mulch.

I can’t wait to see how it looks once everything is done!

So, where’s the mulch coming from? Interesting that you should ask. It’s coming from the front yard. Well, sorta.

This lovely tree is on its way out. It’s big and beautiful, I know. But it’s pulling up the sidewalk. And every year we’re worried it’s going to start dropping branches. It’s a flowering pear that I suspect was planted when the neighborhood was originally put in, back in the late 1980s, making it roughly 25 years old. Only a few houses on the street still have their original trees, and they’re all the same. The only reason they’ve managed to keep them is that the homeowners managed to keep their trees small by way of routine trimming and, in some cases, completely cutting back all branches every winter. None of which this tree has had. By the time we moved in, it was already this big. We had it severely trimmed back twice, but it was already too large to do very much.

Flowering Pear
So, it’s time for it to go. So we’ve hired our neighbor Mike, who’s also a landscaper and tree guy, to take it out. Tomorrow. By Monday afternoon, it’ll be gone. We’ve asked him to completely clear out the planter strip, grinding the stump out, and giving us a nothing-but-dirt area to play with! How exciting!

In its place, we’ve tentatively decided on two crepe myrtles. Our choices are rather limited. The City of Santa Rosa only allows a handful of trees, depending on the size of the planter box. All of them are nice trees, but I have a special spot in my heart for crepe myrtles.

The rest of the garden is also a mess. I have this idea that I’m going to mulch the rest of the back yard area, plant some winter veggies (peas, chard, kale, etc.), and sweep the leaves from under the tress. But it’s unlikely that any of that is going to happen this week.

I’m leaving town for a week early on Wednesday morning. It’s going to be a fun trip. Between now and then, it’s going to be full throttle for getting through the work and household tasks I need to handle before leaving: running errands, packing, cleaning out the fridge, queuing posts and posts and posts, and so on.

Hope you have a great week, friends.


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