Even though I’ve been staying busy with lots of cooking and blogging, I’ve also been doing some other leisurely activities.

My Berlin Kitchen cover
I put My Berlin Kitchen on my wishlist ages ago, and got it as a gift from my sister last Christmas/Birthday-time. I read the first chapter or two but had to put it down to get through my last semester at school. I finally got back around to reading it this last week, and I’m loving every minute of it!

I love reading cookbooks in general, because of the kinds of stories even the most basic one can tell just from the collection of recipes and the order they’re put into. But my favorite are cookbooks that have actual stories associated with the recipes.

This book takes that to a whole new level! Each chapter is a story in itself, and at the end there’s a recipe associated with it! It’s absolutely perfect! All cookbooks should be like this! (OK, probably not, but still… I’m very happy.)

Gilmore Girls
Working my way through Gilmore Girls. I’m currently on season 4, episode 9, where Rory and Lorelai go to a college football game with Lorelai’s parents. I am very much in love with this show! It’s not perfect. I still find myself cringing once in a while with a poorly chosen word or a ‘joke’ that punches down instead of up. But on the whole, it’s a fantastic show, with lots of really funny and touching scenes highlighting relationships between women (mother, daughter, grandmother, friend, etc.).

Listening to:
I haven’t been listening to very much music lately, outside of the few times I’m driving in my car. That said, the song that’s been playing off and on in my head has been You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile. It was placed there by someone just posting an offhand comment on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and lodged itself in there pretty good. Good thing I like musicals.

diner dash
I have been almost obsessed with Diner Dash. I don’t know how to explain it. I just have to play it whenever I have a minute of two free. I’m determined to get three stars on each level. I’m stuck on level 57. I have two stars, but just haven’t been able to manage keeping everyone happy to get enough points for three stars. It’s silly. I know.

So. What are you watching, reading, listening, or playing these days? Anything fun or interesting?


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