First, a quick check in on last week’s veggie plan. It went great! Frittata? Check! Tomato sauce? Check! Sautéed kale? Bean salad? Salsa? Check. Check. Check!

We didn’t make a roast chicken or a pot roast, as our dinner plans with a friend was postponed. But carrots and potatoes store well, and now that we have some fennel, that’ll make a perfect pot roast!


Because we live in such a temperate climate, late summer can draw out well into October, which means that the weekly selection of veggies in our CSA pick up is often a mix of things from summer alongside things more often associated with autumn, and even winter.

This week’s haul was one of the quintessential summer-autumn blends. Tomatoes, broccoli, and carrots, alongside cabbage, fennel, and garlic.

(Here’s where I admit that I traded escarole and eggplant for cabbage, carrots and garlic. Eric doesn’t like eggplant, and there’s only so much I can eat on my own. And I don’t care for bitter greens.)

It’s soup weather here, with lots of rain forecast for the next couple of days. So, this week’s veggie plan will be soup-alicious.

Cabbage Soup. In his single years before I met him, Eric’s mother gave him a great recipe book that we still use. One of our most favorite is the Cabbage Soup with Turkey Meatballs. We’ve been talking about making a big pot with the enormous green cabbage that’s been hogging almost an entire crisper bin for several weeks now. And while the soup is quite good with just green cabbage, adding some red cabbage makes it even more interesting in both flavor and presentation.

Broccoli Potato Soup.  Look at this amazing head of broccoli! I’ve got lots of broccoli in the freezer, waiting to be used for soups and pasta dishes later this winter, but this one is too beautiful to simply chop up and freeze. I can already taste the cheesy broccoli and potato soup I’m envisioning. Perfect with some of the chicken stock I put away a couple of weeks ago!

Salsa. Look. I’m going to keep making and eating salsa until the very last tomato of the season comes in. Which will probably be soon. Each batch is like a few more stolen moments of summer.

Grill-roasted Beets.  This is a two-pound beet. It’s a meal by itself. Sadly, I found a couple of smallish beets in the fridge (hiding behind the cabbage) that are a little squishy. They, along with this monster, will be peeled and tossed in foil with some butter and herbs and grilled up along side some delicious sausages. Or maybe a nice steak, if I can get to the butcher to pick some up tomorrow. Although… I just happened across a recipe for Beet Pie, and I may have to investigate further.

Pot Roast. I’m still keeping this one alive for some time this week. Especially now that I have fresh fennel. I like to add the thickly sliced fennel bulb in the pot with the onions, garlic, potatoes, and carrots. They are wonderfully delicious when slow-roasted with pork fat and herbs.


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