Friday Faves

Swedish Corningware

It’s no secret I have an obsession with serving dishes and cookware. We host parties and game nights at least once a month, and sometimes more often, and I’m always looking for more plates and bowls to serve snacks in.

But I don’t just use these fun pieces for parties. Nope. Most of them also get daily use for my own snacks, or storage for fruits and veggies.

One of my all-time favorite finds is this 1975 Country Festival Corning Ware dish. It didn’t have the lid, but that’s OK. It’s not going in the oven. I found it at the local Sutter Care at Home Thrift Store, which isn’t a place I visit very often. But every time I do, I find something I love.

I just adore these little birds and flowers. They bring me a kind of simple joy that I cannot really describe. I’m not kidding. Even in my darkest funk, I get a little glow of happiness when I see them on the counter.

Do you have any favorite dishes? Is this a silly thing to get excited about?


2 thoughts on “Friday Faves

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