Tuesday – Veggie Day


This is the beautiful sight that greeted me when I stopped into my CSA to pick up this week’s supply! It’s finally pumpkin season! While other people are feeling enthusiastic about Pumpkin Spice Season, I’m not a die-hard PSS person. But, I do love a good pumpkin pie, or maybe some curry pumpkin soup. And then there were those amazing pumpkin scones I made years ago when I baked. And I’ve been meaning to try my hand at duplicating the delicious chicken and pumpkin curry the local Thai restaurant makes.

So many good pumpkin recipes! So, I guess it’s good that we got two of these little cuties (Baby Bears) in our box this week! I also want to mention how much I love how the two seasons (summer and autumn) overlap quite nicely here in California. Pumpkins AND tomatoes at the same time? Yes, please!

Veggies 09_30

The contents of this week’s ‘box’:

  • 2 Baby Bear sugar pumpkins
  • 2 very large yellow onions
  • 1 pound of heirloom tomatoes (green)
  • 1 pint of mini golden tomatoes
  • 1/4 pound of broccoli spears (the second harvest)
  • 2 pounds of beet (yep, just one very big beet)
  • 1 summer celery
  • 1 teeny Fuyu persimmon with a tiny bruise (a bit of lagniappe)

The goal of these post, in addition showing off the fantastic produce my farmer-friends offer, is to spur me to think about what will get used and how, and maybe even encourage me to make a weekly meal-plan.

So, after a little thinking, my tentative plan is:

  • keep the pumpkins until I have a minute to roast them up
  • put these onions with the rest of the 10lbs I bought last week until I have a chance to dream up my own version of an onion pie, which I’ve been dreaming about for a week or so now
  • talk Eric into using these beautiful green tomatoes in his next salsa batch for a fun variety of color
  • eat these cute little orange cherry tomatoes for lunch tomorrow… if not later tonight
  • steam and add to our breakfast of eggs and beans
  • save the beet with the other beets in the crisper drawer, but sauté the greens up to eat with our eggs and beans breakfast
  • honestly, this isn’t snacking celery, so it’s going to get chopped and frozen for using in soups and casseroles this winter
  • slice and enjoy!

OK, so this ‘box’ isn’t going to be the spark for a fantastic series of cooking posts anytime soon (although it reminds me of others I should add to the list). But, the components will surely show up in future cooking posts. I promise.

And who knows, maybe I’ll feel inspired to make a small bowl of tomato salad tomorrow to enjoy those little orange babies.


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