I’m back!

When I went to post this, I realized this is my 200th post. Woot!

It’s been a busy year so far, and I had to put down some of my side interests for a while. This blog being one of the many things that I really wanted to keep current, but just couldn’t and stay healthy. As it was, the things I needed to do regardless were more than I could handle at times. More about that later. This post is just to catch everyone up on the exciting and happy things that have been keeping me busy!

First off, I want to say that we still miss our beloved Mr. Bob and didn’t want to rush into getting another cat right away. But when this little monster needed a home we decided to meet her, and it was a match. Her name is Selkie, because she loves being near water in a way that even Bob couldn’t match. When I take a bath, she has to be on my lap (above the water, preferably on a towel) so she can bat her paws at the water.


She and Little Girl get along pretty well. At least while they’re sleeping. I think Little Girl would like to be buddies and play, but Selkie wants to play far too rough for poor old LG. She’s an adorable little brat, though, isn’t she?

13 - 1

The main reason I was so busy earlier this year was because I was busily working to finish up my degree. I took 18 units in the Spring, and still had to take a summer class. But I did it. I’m a graduate!

14 - 1 (2)

And, as will surprise no one who knows me, I decorated my cap with Firefly items.

14 - 1 (3)

And then this happened.


Yep. That’s our wedding invitation. Can you believe it? Eleven years later?! We got married!

10347626_10101408784720985_295345692271993973_n (1)

It was a great party. We had many of our dear friends there for the event. Kyle did the honors, with a great speech about “Love, honor, and cherish, and always watch Firefly together.”  Oh, yeah. It was totally a Firefly/Serenity themed event. I promise a more in-depth post about the decor and whatnot. For now, enjoy this great photo of our friends dressed up as different characters. The little River Tam is our niece Skylar. How adorable?!

IMAG0461 (1)

And, lastly, I’d like to leave you with this great Google+ AutoAwesome image from our Honeymoon Hike with friends. I’ve been doing a fair amount of hiking lately.  In fact, when I’m done writing this, I’m going to look up info for tomorrow’s hike in a new and potentially awesome place. Stay tuned for more info about it, and so much more! Because I’m back. With lots of ideas and recipes and photos and other great things to share!

Armstrong Hike - 10-EFFECTS


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