Lenten Meditation

Same as in years past, I will be observing Lent by following the Lenten Meditation Guide put together by the wonderful folks at Episcopal Relief and Development. I will try to blog my thoughts when time allows.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 8.23.48 PM

Some interesting thoughts, carrying this reading around in my head today. Today is the first day I started a light daytime fasting, and I thought of these women whenever I felt hungry and tempted to stop by the coffee shop for a snack. What a luxury. What privilege that I can just go buy some food whenever I’m hungry. How do those afflicted with true hunger manage? I know how distracted I was by sitting in class just before dinnertime. How are hungry schoolchildren expected to sit still and learn when they haven’t had a decent meal?

But then again, I have no shortage of privileges. A house over my head, a very supportive and loving partner, a wonderful network of family and friends, so on and so on. It’s an important reminder that many of the things we take for granted are denied so many others.

What I love about this series of Lenten Meditations, and what brings me back every year, is that they cover so many interrelated issues. And I’m especially thrilled that the Ash Wednesday entry is so directly related to women’s issues around the world.

This is a welcome alternative to this shameful Lenten piece a friend shared on Facebook. I don’t really care that it’s misrepresenting feminism as anti-feminine. It’s such a tired old rag it’s barely even worth the energy to address. I can’t help but wonder what Jesus would have to say about what type of clothing a woman wears. Sure, it’s everyone’s personal decision to what they’ll do to, if anything, to mark the Lenten season. And I am well aware that it’s unfair to compare one person’s values against my own, but I can’t help to think that Jesus would be more concerned with how the women who sewed those skirts were treated than whether or not some women tried to honor him by wearing them.

But what I am truly angry about is the blatant anti-trans* message she throws in with her gender essentialism. No, it is not trans*people who are confused. In fact, of all the people I know, they are often the least confused about their gender identity. In fact, they have had to give a good deal of thought to their identity. No, it is small-minded people who cannot accept others who are confused. And it is for them that I pray, as well as for the safety of my trans*friends.


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