Caturday: A quick update on Mr. Bob

Before we left for Australia, Mr. Bob went in to the vet for a re-check ultrasound of his heart and general lab work to keep tabs on his kidney values.


The good news is that the technician who performed the ultrasound said the condition of his heart had made a “significant improvement.” I liked that word “significant.” It gives me hope that the improvement is not merely because of the heart medicines, but also from the additional taurine we’ve been giving him. And if that is the case, it is likely that his dilated cardiomyopathy was caused by an inability to process the taurine in his diet. It would be very unusual, but from the research I’ve done online, it is possible.

But, even with that good news and the fact that he was more active and social than he’d been in a long while, we were still anxious about leaving him for three weeks for our trip to Australia. Fortunately, we have a great pet sitter who is a trained vet tech who came twice a day to give him his pills and check in on him. And our dear friend Kimberly came by most days to spend some time with Bob and Little Girl, so they had some human companionship.


Since returning from Australia, Mr. Bob has been back to see the vet for more x-rays and blood work, both which still show him in good shape.

I know he’s old and I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that he won’t be with me forever. But it’s one thing to know that in your head, and a completely different thing to feel that in your heart. For now, I just make it a point to cherish every snuggle and nuzzle. Or, as I call them, “snuzzles.”


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