Mental Health Check-in

I’m sorry that it’s been ages since I posted an update on my mental health, especially with so much talk about depression in October and November of last year.

I’m actually doing much better! Taking vitamin D regularly (at least once a day) has done wonders for my overall mood and tiredness. Such that, I when started feeling better, I forgot to take it, and just this week found myself feeling tired all over again. Back to the D!

This is what Self-Care looks like for me.

This is what Self-Care looks like for me.

As you can imagine, with even a little bit more energy, I’m able to make better decisions, and thus don’t find myself feeling down as often. Coincidentally, this image above was from a previous post, also about Self-Care. I didn’t even have to change the caption.

My life is by no means all sunshine and happiness (we had our car stolen!), but I’m better equipped to work through the tough stuff without the negative self-talk.  Which, in itself, is a curious thing. I can’t decide if the negative self-talk is still there, but very very quiet. Or if it’s gone altogether. I think it’s a little of both. There’s less of it, and the few messages still there are quite faint.

That said, I still find myself with a decreased tolerance of problematic people, which makes me wonder if that’s just a general self-care thing that just gets out of balance when I’m depressed (or, more likely, because it’s unbalanced, I get depressed more easily). My level of patience is quite high, but only when it comes to unavoidable things like standing in line or freeway traffic. My patience with individual people who need what I think of as excessive hand-holding or routine scolding is quite low. And the number of “second chances” I’m giving out lately has certainly decreased.

I’m starting to think that’s more a function of being older and less tolerant of BS.  TOWANDA!


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