43 at 43

When I started thinking about how to celebrate turning 43 this year, it occurred to me that 6.2 might divide quite nicely into it. While the math isn’t perfect, the idea is pretty good.

43 divided by 6.2 = 6.935, which can be rounded up to 7

6.2 miles = 10kilometers

Which is to say, 43 = 7 10k races, or 14 5k races, or some combination therein. And that, my friends, makes for a very tidy running/racing goal for this, my 43rd year in this body. Time to start training!

New running shoes

Some races I’m currently considering:

Kathy’s Race – I love fund raiser and memorial races. Especially those benefiting local organizations. Also, I can barely bring myself to consider doing a 5k, much less travelling for one!

This race is in honor of Kathy Van Riper. Proceeds will benefit Kathy’s Camp for Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of children of cancer patients. Some proceeds will also benefit other local cancer support programs.

Roseland Youth Center Fun Run – Again, another great local organization! And this one’s a 10k.

Carneros Vineyard Run – This one used to be on my regular race list. This one gives out etched wine glasses. We have a whole set!

Sonoma County Human Race – This one used to be on my regular race list as well. Maybe I’ll even do some fund-raising this year!

Of course, this isn’t anywhere near a complete list. And some of these events above are kinda close to other events, which might make them a bit difficult to pull off. I just wanted to make a public declaration that I will run at least 43 miles of race course during 2013!

And she’s off!


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