Friday Favorites

For Halloween, we bought a big bag of candy to give away, but since it was raining on Wednesday night, we still had a lot left over on Thursday morning. And I have to admit I ate far more of it than I should have. And not just because of the calories. Mainly, I’m upset with myself because it was such terrible chocolate waste those calories on. I think I’m spoiled on good chocolate. And my latest favorite is the Trader Joe’s Caramel with Black Sea Salt dark chocolate bar.  But the Caramel Toffee bar is pretty good too.

So salty sweet.

You probably already know that I really hate shoes. My feet don’t like being cooped up inside shoes, and if I can’t be barefoot, my compromise is usually sandals or flipflops. At least in the summer. Come winter, I can’t really get away with sandals when it’s raining or cold. So I have to make wearing shoes as bearable as possible. To that end, I make sure I have a good selection of fun socks. For a couple of years, my favorite socks were a pair of Smart Wool socks with red, green, blue, and yellow stripes. I loved those socks. I wore them nearly every chance I could. Sadly, they finally wore out last winter, and had to be relegated to the craft room to be used in some future project there. So, this summer, in anticipation of sock-wearing season, I bought myself a new pair of wool socks! And I got to break them out a couple of weeks ago, when we had our first cool weather. Yay!

Stripy, pretty, and warm!

And, finally, now that it’s cooler and wetter, I don’t feel nearly as guilty about taking a long hot bath. And just in time, since I bought this delicious soap at the Heirloom Expo back in September. I’d bought some of her lotion bars and whipped lotion last December for Christmas presents for my mom and sister, so when I saw her at the expo, I made sure to get some more goodies from her. But this soap is the best. So sweet and soothing, I’m almost sad to leave the bathtub when I’m done. I might have to get this scent in her lotion series as well.

This soap smells so wonderful.

What’s making you happy these days?


One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. Those socks are really cute! It’s getting cold here and I’m starting to realize that I don’t have a single pair of decent socks anymore. It’s time to invest in some that are fun and comfortable 🙂


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