Autumn #1

I’m following in my friend Cazeria’s footsteps in taking on this assignment to post 30 photos of Autumn.

Here’s the first:

My fall feet.

Autumn in Sonoma County isn’t really the same as the stereotypical Autumnal scenes we carry in our subconscious. Yes, there are pumpkins and colorful maple leaves, but they aren’t really emblematic of Sonoma County. I have to go outside my normal sphere to find those things.

Instead, I prefer to focus on the changes in the landscape that is around me in my most mundane moments. I don’t mean to imply that these landscapes are any more “native” or “natural” (I put those in quotes because I’ve learned the falseness of even those innocent words) than the landscaped lawns with Halloween displays.

This photo was the first one I thought of when I first considered this assignment. Mainly because, in Sonoma County, Autumn isn’t quite as distinct as a season as it is in other climates. Instead, it’s just the winding down of summer. While some plants are moving toward dormancy, and the sun is shifting, it’s still mostly summer — and in the case of this week, the final hurrah of summer (95°F? WTF?!).

You can see my faded and chipped summer pedicure, in my summer sandals, and my summer jeans. But my feet are photographed in the school parking lot, meaning my lazy summer days are really over and it’s back to productivity and structure. The only really stereotypical Autumn thing in this photo are the leaves. The huge Sycamore trees in the back lot of the campus are doing their annoyingly Sycamore thing and dropping all their crunchy leaves all over the parking lot, where they get crushed into a fine powder by car tires.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Autumn. I love that in my brain Autumn is the beginning of the year. It’s the beginning of something new, something exciting and a little daunting. Summer is the break, and Autumn is the return.


One thought on “Autumn #1

  1. Cool! Can’t wait to see your 30 pictures! I love the fall. There is this spot in the back of the hospital where trees line both sides of the sidewalk. If you come around the corner and stand at the very end of the block you can just watch the leaves slowly tumble down, almost like a slow motion scene in a movie. It always makes me feel happy; to me it looks like magic.


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