If it’s Tuesday, it’s veggie day!

It’s been a hectic time, what with school starting, work ramping up for the upcoming Heirloom Expo, and our annual vacation to Seattle for PAX.  We left last Tuesday, spent some fun free days around Seattle and visiting with friends. PAX ran from Thursday evening through Sunday evening, and then we flew out on Monday. We got home yesterday evening and spent some time unpacking all our new games. Since we missed our CSA pick-up from last week (we donated our share to a former CSA customer who is experiencing financial hardship and couldn’t afford a subscription this year), and had cleaned out the fridge before we left, we had no ready food in our fridge, so we got some delicious soup from the noodle house around the corner.

After sleeping in until nearly noon (guess we were tired!), we ran errands, and picked up our veggies.

Our share: lettuce, tomatoes* (we got three pounds!), wax beans, tomatillos, cilantro, peppers, and a melon.

Extras: cherry tomatoes and eggs.

*We were offered a choice of three pounds total of tomatoes, yellow summer squash, and zucchini. I haven’t filled my tomato craving yet this summer, so I opted for all tomatoes.

This Week’s Plan:
Tomatoes: Eric’s making me salsa, but I also hope to have some for breakfast this week. I’m in love with eggs and bacon with slices  of tomatoes on the side. So much umami!
Tomatillos: These will get roasted and turned into some delicious salsa verde!
Lettuce: It’s already washed and chopped and ready for salads!
Seranos: We got enough for salsa, tomatillo salsa, and guacamole. And, while at Trader Joe’s earlier, we bought two bags of chips! We’re ready!
Sweet peppers: These will make a great topping for pasta or pizza. One might even get cut up into a salad.
Wax beans: I’m sure these will get sautéed with some bacon for at least one dinner this week.
Cilantro: What doesn’t get used in salsa will probably get blanched and frozen for use this winter.
Melon: Sadly, as much as I want to eat this, my melon allergy is only getting worse. But, that just means Mr. Bob gets it! Lucky cat!
Cherry tomatoes: I suspect these will become my afternoon snack. If there are any left later this week, I’ll halve them and make a tomato salad with basil and fresh mozzarella.
Eggs: My breakfast for this week! Yum!


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