If it’s Tuesday, it’s veggie day!

Too many veggies over from last week. I haven’t been cooking up very much lately. Gotta get on that!

Greens – I sautéed some for a frittata I made with duck eggs earlier this week, but there’s lots left. If it doesn’t get used up this week, it’ll likely get blanched and frozen.
Beans – I still have both the green and yellow beans waiting to get cooked up. I haven’t cooked up the recipe ideas I came up with for a couple of SmartGardener posts. I need to do that this week.
Turnip – This is just hanging out in the fridge. It’s good for a while.
Cabbage – Yep, still haven’t cooked it up. It’s good for a while.

This Week’s Haul:
Zucchini – Grilled up with olive oil and garlic!
Corn – Grilled and eaten, tonight! This wasn’t in the box. I bought this separately. It’s too good to not have.
Broccoli – I’ll save this for another duck egg frittata this week, with leftovers going into some pasta dish.
Yellow Cauliflower – I bought this especially for the duck egg frittata this week. It looked too good to pass up.
Carrots – One or two will end up in the frittata. The others will go into the same pasta dish as the broccoli.
Greens – Kale and Mustard greens — I’ll probably just blanche and freeze these.
Tomatoes – Sliced and eaten, just like all the others. Looking forward to the day when I have too many to just eat.
Eggplant – I normally take the price of the eggplant in trade, since I never know what to do with them. I decided to live a little a dangerously this week, and figure out something interesting to do with it.
Peppers – One sweet Gypsy, one hot Inferno, and lots of little Padrons. Gonna have to stretch myself a bit on these.
Garlic – This one will get added to the basket and used eventually.

So, already I’m falling down on my goal to have a plan for everything each week. Heck, I’m falling down on actually cooking the things I made a plan for. Gonna have to get my act together this week and do some cooking!


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