Friday Favorites

This is going to be a quick one, as we have a house-full of triathletes coming in for this weekend’s Vineman race. How exciting! I might even be inspired to get back to the gym and start training again!

I have two things that are making me very, very happy this week.

Red and white and happy all over!

I bought these napkins at the farmers market earlier this week. I hadn’t intended on buying them, but I just couldn’t pass them up. The color and the print are so striking, and the fabric is exquisite. I got to speak with the woman who made them and she told me she has a connection with some really fabulous fabric manufacturers in Europe.

This dish is something I think I got from my friend Diane’s mother’s house when she was cleaning it out. A couple of weeks ago, I found it on the top shelf in my kitchen, and have kicked myself for having forgotten about it all this time. And making up for it by using it as often as I can. It’s kinda like a small-ish pie plate, ceramic and super awesome. It makes a great serving dish for many of the recipes I’ve been blogging about for the last couple of weeks. I imagine you’ll be seeing a lot more of this dish in the future.


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