If it’s Tuesday, it’s veggie day!

This week’s take: turnip with greens, three ears of corn (delicious, delicious corn!), tomatoes, red onions, summer squash, beans (we got to pick between green, yellow, and broad), half a cabbage, and bok choy.

So much yummy!

Of last week’s veggies, the beets, though, got made into a delicious beet and chèvre salad. And the summer squash was grilled up with garlic and olive oil.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t used any of the greens or the green beans. D’oh! And we still, somehow, have some tomatoes left over. And some lettuce, but not that much.

The plan is to use up those veggies and the new bag is:

Corn – Already grilled and eaten!
Beans – I have some ideas for using up the beans for some Smart Gardener blog posts, so stay tuned!
Bok choy – I’ve been craving stir fry, so I suspect this will prompt some kind of noodle or rice dish.
Cabbage – Sadly, I still have part of a previous cabbage in the fridge. Part will go in the stir fry, but the rest might have to go into a soup.
Summer Squash – Likely grilled up with some salmon in tomorrow or Thursday night’s dinner.
Tomatoes – How I have some left over from last week is beyond comprehension. And something that will be remedied pretty much every morning this week, while I eat sliced tomatoes with my eggs and bacon.
Turnip – OK, this one has me stumped. I’m going to leave it in the drawer for a while and see what else we get in future that I can pair with with. Or, I’ll drop it in the soup with the cabbage.
Turnip Greens – I have some beet greens left from last week, so I’ll include these in the stir fry.

I’m also going to make a frittata with the last of the duck eggs I bought at the farmer’s market last week (blog post coming about that too). It’ll have some of the tomatoes and maybe part of a squash. Basically, it’s my go-do leftovers dish.


3 thoughts on “If it’s Tuesday, it’s veggie day!

  1. I like to take cabbage and throw it on the slicer or shredder plate of a food processor. Then I stick it all in a big ol’ storage container and use it for salads! I actually prefer cabbage to lettuce (I like crunchy food), and if it’s all chopped up you just open your container, toss a handful on a plate, throw on whatever other veggies are laying around, and BAM! Plus you could grab some pineapple juice and make coleslaw, which is an easy side dish for summer BBQ!


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