Foodie Friday – beet and chevre salad with walnuts

This isn’t really a challenging salad. It’s not frou-frou. Or expensive. Or particularly difficult to make. But it’s a real treat. Usually our CSA gives us red beets, which usually get roasted, which is also delicious. But this month, they’ve been giving us these beautiful yellow and white and candy-stripe beets. These are so pretty, they deserved a recipe that lets them show off their colors.

While I love beets, they are a tiny bit of work to cook. The good news, though, is that these beets don’t stain like the red beets. First, I cut off the greens and saved them for another dish later. I dropped the beets into water and boiled them until they were fork-tender. Then I moved them to a bowl full of ice and let them cool. When they’re cool enough to handle, I gently slip their skins off. It’s really quite easy. If the skins are hard to get off, they haven’t cooked long enough.

The dressing is my go-to salad dressing. Just some olive oil, balsamico, sea salt and finely chopped red onions. Yum!

Plate it up with a couple scoops of chevre and some walnuts and drizzle the dressing over it all. Lettuce is optional. Look how pretty those beets are!


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