Friday Favorites – Lush-ious

Every year, when we go to Seattle for PAX, I make a special trip to the LUSH store there to stock up on all kinds of wonderfully smelly bath stuff. I love that their products are all hand-made from all natural ingredients.

Jasmine leaves my hair smelling so nice!

They have the most delicious shampoo bars. My favorite is the Godiva. It smells so scrumptious. I don’t wash my hair more than about once a week, but it’s always a treat.

Lavender and silky smooth!

They also have a great line of massage bars. I got the vanilla-lavender bar, which I think has been changed recently. It’s really lasting a long time — I’ve barely rubbed off the design. I like to massage my freshly-shaved legs with it just before going to bed. The best part is when Mr. Bob sleeps under the covers, he likes to sleep behind my knees, so that he smells like lavender for days.

My drawer of goodies!

They also have all kinds of wonderful bath bombs and fizzes and lotions and soaps. Last summer, I bought up a bunch of bombs. I still have quite a few left. I think I need to schedule some relaxing reading-in-the-bath-time soon!

If you’re near a LUSH shop, I highly recommend visiting them. If not, there’s lots of great options for buying items online!


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