Update on Mr. Bob

Just a quick update on Mr. Bob’s health.

He knows where all the sunny spots show up during the day.

He’s actually doing quite well. His appetite has returned. I’m still having to feed him by hand, but mainly because he doesn’t find sweet potato or pumpkin enough like food to eat it on his own. But he now asks for the milk in the bottom of Eric’s cereal bowl, and has been known to nose around other dishes as well.

I’ve taken to mixing up sweet potato and canned cat food, and pureeing it for Little Girl, which she likes well enough. For Bob, I add some tuna water and he’ll eat it when he’s hungry. Which is a good step. I’m hoping that eventually, I’ll be able to reduce the amount of cat food in the mix and then reduce the amount of tuna water. But that’s a long way off, it seems.

They’re happy to share!

He is also being more social. He still runs when he sees me coming, sadly, but he’s no longer hiding from us. When he was very sick, he would find a dark corner somewhere to be alone. Even when we made him sleep on the bed with us, he wouldn’t snuggle with us or with Little Girl. In the last couple of days, I’ve caught them snuggled up together in the cat bed in the sun.

I even heard him meow for the first time in months. And, when we had friends over on Saturday night, he even came downstairs to visit with us and walk around under the table.

Once I even found them spooning!

He goes back to the vet next week for a follow up visit. I’m hoping to find out whether the lab work shows an improvement to match his actions, and confirm that we’re following the right course of action.

In the meantime, I’m trying to convince him that he’s not going to be tortured (read: have food or medicine shove in his face) every time I come after him. Slowly, he’s letting me pet him a little more.


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