The good, the bad, and the ugly

We’re going on a little more than 6 weeks since Mr. Bob’s diagnosis. Since then, I’ve learned A LOT about myself, my cat, and his condition.

Just chilling on his favorite spot — the back of the futon.

The good: While it has been very trying, and an emotional roller coaster, it’s also been nice to have this time with Bob. No matter what happens, it will cherish each and every snuggle and purr I get from him. Not that I didn’t already cherish them, mind you. But there’s a renewed sense of specialness to them now.

This is his smushy pumpkin face, all wrapped up in a blanket.

The bad: I’m still dealing with dropped commitments and reshuffling priorities. Friends have been put on hold, and work has been intermittent. And while I’m cherishing my good moments with Bob, I’m left with little extra energy for anyone or anything outside of care taking. I have more respect for people who have special needs children or elderly parents who need constant care. I’m just dealing with a little cat that I can wrap up in a towel and force feed, and it’s still an emotional challenge to get through some days. And I’ll admit, I got really frustrated the other day and hit my cat on the head to get him to stop squirming.

All snuggled up in a towel. Not happy, though.

The ugly: My yard. It looks like I was in the middle of a big project and then just quit. Which is what happened. Paving stones are still half assembled. There’s a pile of straw left where it fell. Plants are dying left and right. All the plants I’ve bought in the last two months are dried up twigs, still in their plastic containers. But the weeds are flourishing. I finally found a free minute and two free brain cells and turned on the automatic sprinklers, so maybe that’ll help save a couple of plants. Of course, that’ll also encourage the weeds. Oh well. Bob is far more important than anything going on outside.

Not a happy cat. Not happy at all.

Funnily, I was out getting the mail yesterday, and the neighbor was just pulling up. I chatted with her for a minute and then jokingly apologized for the state of our yard and then explained the situation. Turns out, she has a blind, elderly dog with kidney failure and she’s pretty much doing the same thing at her house. So, there’s that consolation.

Spontaneous snuggles are the best.


3 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the ugly

  1. I know how trying things can be. My nearly 19 year old Siamese boy also suffered from kidney failure four years ago. My vet tried everything to get his kidneys going again. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. It was toughest three days, but they were the best.

    Enjoy your days with your boy. Lots of purrs.


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