Felicitations (x2)

Today is Mothers’ Day (yes, I know where the apostrophe goes, I like it there since it’s really a day to celebrate all who mother, right?). A day to celebrate my awesome mom, and all the other awesome mothers in my life.

I wish I had a photo of my mom. I know there must be one around here somewhere, but I can’t put my hands on it easily. Sorry.

My mom is a rock star. She’s been a huge influence in my development (my dad is awesome too, but his day is next month). I know she went out of her way to make sure my sister and I were brought up to be kind, caring, thoughtful, intelligent women. She didn’t shy away from the difficult discussions about race, gender, justice and equality, and many of the other Big Topic issues of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

She also gave me my love of language and the power of words. Pun games and word play and the like were always fun pass times when I was growing up. On long car trips, in the time before DVD players and hand-held games, we had to entertain ourselves somehow, right? Who else has a mother who studies Aramaic, New Testament Greek, and Latin? I think in another life, she must have been a great linguist.

And my love of books is directly attributable to her. I have a  distinct memory of her taking me to the library to get my first library card when I was probably around 5 years old. I was so excited! I used to check out ALL THE BOOKS! Heck, I still check out far more than I could possibly read in a week.

My dear mother has lived through a lot these last few years. First, her beloved brother Jimmy lost his battle with Pancreatic cancer. Her other brother and her sister have both had their turns with cancer, although both are doing well in remission. She has worried for year about when it will be her turn. As it turns out, her turn came earlier this year, when she was diagnosed with stage 2 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It’s not a terrible diagnosis, as far as cancers go. It’s treatable, and has a pretty high cure rate. She just finished her third treatment of chemo and various other poisons which make her feel terrible. I admit I haven’t called her enough during the last two weeks. I’ll make up for that today. With any luck, she’ll be done with chemo with this last round, although there may be one more. We’ll see.

As for how this will make this Mother’s Day different, I’m not sure. I know it has certainly reminded me of exactly how much I adore my mom, but I think I’ve always been pretty good about letting her know. We never do anything really fancy or special. I won’t be going home until later this year.

Happy Mothers Day, mom!

May 13 is also my sister’s birthday. Every couple of years, it falls on Mothers’ Day, proving again that my sister will always be able to claim that she got our mom the best present.

My sister is seriously awesome as well. We were never really close growing up, but have become closer over the years. She’s smart, super crafty, a great cook, and she has a wicked sense of humor. And she doesn’t suffer fools. Case in point: while those of us with an immediate blood tie can call her “Beck,” everyone else calls her anything other than Rebecca at their peril. Call her Becky if you wish to die a drawn out, painful death.

Sadly, I don’t have any good photos of her around here either. (TBH, I don’t have a lot of photos of people.)

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

I love you both dearly and can’t wait to visit with you later this year!


One thought on “Felicitations (x2)

  1. What a beautiful commentary on your Mom. She must be very special. She is also very blessed to have a daughter who appreciates and loves her as you obviously do.


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