A nice diversion

I’ve been a bit stressed out the last day or so. Mr. Bob had to go to the vet yesterday and hasn’t been feeling well all day today, I have a paper due that I’m procrastinating on, I’ve been really tired, and some stuff I’m doing for my work blog isn’t working out the way I’d hoped.

So, when Eric left to go get things ready for his office’s booth at tomorrow’s kick-off of the Amgen Tour of California, in downtown Santa Rosa, I jumped at the chance to get out and see the set-up.

Santa Rosa takes its role in the Amgen Tour of California seriously.

I don’t know who put this paper maché swan in the fountain, but I love it! Complete with a golden jersey, and a bike helmet! So adorable!

Very different from how it’ll look tomorrow!

As it turns out, Eric’s company can’t set up until early tomorrow morning, so we really didn’t need to go downtown. But it was still nice to wander around a bit, looking at the different booths being set up. And to get a look at the VIP tents all along the finish line.

So clever!

Love the little details in the VIP tents, like this cocktail table made from bike rims, complete with tubes.

But I’m more impressed with these chairs.

And these chairs? I want some for my patio. How cool are these?

Lots of the shops downtown have their windows decorated.

We decided to have dinner downtown. Both of us have been to El Coquí, but not together. It’s a wonderful little Puerto Rican restaurant that we always talk about going to, but never do, for whatever reason. Well, we did tonight.

I wasn’t impressed with its description.

Eric ordered a “Cola Champagne.” It was described as having a sweet, bubblegum flavor. Um… yeah. Terrible bubblegum flavor. Ick. Also, “El Sabor de Nuestra Gente” is not really a good tag line, imo.

Nor its color.

Eric seemed to enjoy it, so I guess that’s all that really matters. I, on the other hand, had a fresh-squeezed lime-ade. (Anyone who knows me and my love of limes just said, “Duh!)

Canoas con carnitas de cerdo

My dinner. Canoas con carnitas de cerdo. Normally, it’s served with ground beef, but one of the options was to substitute roasted pork. (Another “duh.”) Last time I was here, I had the starchy plantains with ground beef, which was quite delicious. But I wanted to try the sweet plantain. This one is stuffed with roasted pork and topped with melted cheese. The black beans have green olives and lots of spices (not hot, just flavorful), as does the rice. The avocado salad is wonderful.

Palomilla Encebollado

Eric got the Palomilla Encebollado. The name was interesting to me. I got that “encebollado” means onions, or “covered with onions.” I thought “palomilla” meant moth or butterfly. Maybe it means “thinly sliced” or something. Whatever it means, according to Eric, it was good. He got the red beans, but they still have the green olives and spices. His dinner also came with two fried starchy plantains. I ate one. It was yummy!

So, yeah. Now we’re home, and Mr. Bob seems to be feeling better after having me use the syringe to give him some fluids (I think part of his ailment is that he’s really dehydrated and that is making him feel nauseous). I still need to finish my paper, but that’ll happen eventually.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll be up very early to head downtown to set up the booth and enjoy a long day at the races.


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