Thankful Thursday – summertime fun

1. We’ve gone from spring to summer in less than a weekend. I’ve already gotten my sandal tan going. I’ve pretty much given up on wearing PJs and jeans, in favor of shorts and skirts. And tank tops and camisoles. I’ve even lucked out and found some great skirts and tops at Goodwill. It’s like a double bonus!

2. I’m really enjoying looking forward to a summer of blogging and crafting. Even though I still have one last paper to write for class, I’m already feeling like it’s summer break around here. And, while I’d like to show off photos from my garden, it’s looking a bit bedraggled right now. It needs some serious weeding. I can’t wait to get out there and really get it shaped up. I promise, I’ll post pictures for you soon!

3. We’ve got some great camping trips planned. There’s even talk about doing something for Memorial Day Weekend, although we don’t have reservations anywhere. And then a trip in June, and another in July. I can’t wait. We didn’t get to go camping at all last year, and I feel like I need to make up for lost time! At last one of these trips will be to Yosemite.





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