Blooming Tuesday – backyard edition

I love how these come back year after year.

I buy Cyclamen whenever I see them in the stores in December. I’m not sure why they’re sold in December, since they don’t bloom around here until February and March. I guess they make a lovely alternative to poinsettias. This year, they were late, and didn’t really get started until mid-March. And they’re still going strong.

This was a house-warming gift.

This beautiful flowering maple is one of my favorites. It’s so wonderful, and so striking in my back. And the hummingbirds like it too. This was a gift from my friend Madaline, and I think of her every time I look at it.

I just love these. And they seem to love this spot.

The campanula is such a lovely little purple flower. And really hardy. I got these as a small container plant from Trader Joe’s and transplanted them out side a couple of years ago. They just keep going, no matter what kind of weather they’re given. Frost, heat, whatever. They do prefer a little shade, and I’ve got them under the alder tree in a spot which gets dappled sunlight year-round.

Blooming, and making seeds.

My Lenten Rose is going strong! More flowers coming, and seeds too!

I don't know the name of this, but the bees love it.

I bought this at my CSA a couple of years ago to act as a beneficial to attracted bees while I was waiting for other flowers to come up. I have now idea what its name is. But it’s happy, and getting ready to make lots and lots of these blue spike flowers!


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