Thankful Thursday – random happiness

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done one of these. Today’s is a truly random collection of images representing the things that have brought me joy recently.

This beautiful iris was single mother given to me as  a gift the first year we moved into this house, from my friend Madaline. I believe it was a daughter of an heirloom iris she had been tending for many years. I saw a neighbor down the street who has a similar iris of a slightly different color, and I think this year may be the chance to trade daughters. I just love how plants like this can be traded among friends and neighbors.

Speaking of friends, this photo of one of the funniest rounds from this past weekend’s impromptu game night really speaks for itself. I have some fun friends, right? I can’t even tell you the story about this hand without cracking myself up. It’s definitely off-color and totally inappropriate. Which is why it’s so funny. None of our Apples to Apples games go very long without denigrating into juvenile humor like this, or somehow becoming something that just wouldn’t sound right when explained out of context.

And, yes, I know it’s a cop-out to re-list Eric and Mr. Bob, but seriously. How can you blame me when they’re so cute like this?

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