Thankful Thursday – it’s the small things

Depression lies. Don’t believe a word it says. It tells you terrible things and makes you tell yourself terrible things. But they’re not true.

The weather conspired with a number of other factors to make my Spring Break this week filled with nothing but PJs and laziness. This complete lack of focus is a good break from the overwhelming busy-ness from the last couple of weeks in school. But it gives me more time to feel bad about the things I’d like to be doing but can’t because of the weather, and that just feeds the depression that was already there.

To counteract it, I’ve been reminding myself about the importance of the little things. Three little things that have been keeping me going over the last couple of weeks:

All tidy and organized!

1. I finally found a case to store my seed packets. It’s not perfect — it’s not metal, and it’s a teeny bit small. But it was ~$5, and it holds all the seeds I currently have, and I can see them. And, now they’re all in one place, instead of stashed here and there around the house. In fact, when putting all my seeds together, I saw that I have several packets of some seeds.

I think he's supposed to be cute, but he's super creepy.

2. Even in my stress and anxiety and depression, I can still see the bits of humor that surround us all the time. Like this guy who surprised us last week in our classroom. I think he’s reminding us to use hand sanitizer, but he looks like he’s just waiting to murder us in our sleep.

A little pretty to brighten up my day.

3. I saw this cute little cream pitcher along with a small mug that matches. It’s perfect for the small flowers I have blooming around my yard, and I took the opportunity of the break in the rain to snip some freesia and other flowers to decorate my new dining room table and sweeten the air in here.

So, while I’m doing my best to ignore the bad things the depression is saying, I’m going to hold on to every bit of happiness I can find until the sun comes out and brightens things up for me.


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – it’s the small things

  1. I know what you mean about seeing the humour in things even through the mist of depression. For me, though, I’m not sure if it always helps!

    The flowers are gorgeous.



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