The new seeds are here!

Two very bright moments from the stressful week that just passed, were the arrival of my seeds from Peaceful Valley and Seed Savers Exchange!

Remember that scene in The Jerk where the new phone book arrives, and Navin runs around all excited?

That was me with my new seeds!

My 2012 seed order from Peaceful Valley.

Burbank Tomato – Even though I have far too many tomato seeds coming from SSE, I had to get these developed by local gardening/agricultural hero Luther Bubrank.

Danvers Carrot -We get lots of carrots from our CSA, but I still always want more. Here’s my chance to grow my own.

Black Turtle Bush Beans -I had so much fun growing my Blackeyed Peas last summer, but would use black beans more in cooking, I think.

Winter Delicata Squash -Yeah, I know just last week I was complaining about having far too many winter squashes, but I just love delicatas!

Turga Parsnip -Eric loves parsnips, and I have to admit I’m enjoying them more in cooking roasts and soups.

Burgundy Okra -I never liked okra growing up. It was always too bitter and too slimy. But I’ve been including it in soups and gumbos, and I’m starting to crave it in more soups. Weird.

Bon Jour Corn – I’m still playing around with which part of my weird yard would be good for growing corn. I think the area between driveways might work well for a long line of corn stalks.

My 2012 Seed Savers Exchange seed order!

Amish Paste Tomato – I’m hoping to grow enough of these to put away a fair amount of sauce for next winter, and finally ween myself off sauce from cans.

Speckled Roman Tomato – These are lovely tomatoes, and would probably also go into sauces, as well as in salads and soups.

Current Gold Rush Tomato – These are my insurance against another bad tomato-summer. These little golden grape tomatoes seem to do well even in the coldest, grayest summers around here.

Blondkopfchen Tomato – I couldn’t not get these lovely yellow cherry tomatoes. They make such a pretty tomato salad.

Black Krim Tomato – OK, yeah, I had to try these. I’m hoping that this Russian variety will do well even in a cold summer. Plus, look how pretty they are!

Crnkovic Tomato – I’m also hoping to get a lot of these, and have lots and lots of tomato sandwiches! And tomato salads. And tomato snacks. Can you tell I’m craving tomatoes?

Albino Beet – I had never heard of these before, and came across a packet in the SSU Campus Garden seed box. So I had to order some for myself. I’m very curious to see them, and taste them!

Burpee’s Golden Beet – I also got some golden beets. I love these so much.

Purple Pod Pole Bean – For the back garden, and maybe in spots in the front. They just look so pretty! And, if I get enough, I may try my hand at pickling them.

Phew! That’s a lot of seeds. I have some other seeds but these are going to make up the bulk of my garden planting for this year. I’m happy to say that I’ve already set out some of the larger tomato varieties and the squash. I have a plan for where to put the corn and beans, and the beets and parsnips and whatnot will get put in various spots around the front yard, as well as in the bed in the backyard.


2 thoughts on “The new seeds are here!

  1. I ordered some of the same seeds…the parsnips and the black turtle beans and a few others 🙂 Looks like we’ll both be busy! And I am so jealous you have a seafood CSA near you!!


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