Wordless Wednesday – Seasonal Cusp


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Seasonal Cusp

  1. Seasons in California are so different from the midwest. 😦 Even though it’s in the mid-50’s today, I’m sure it’ll be snowing in a few days.


    • Yeah. Coming from the mid-West (Michigan and Kansas) it took me a couple of years to really “get” the seasons here. It just felt like one long spring-summer, without any winter (or even autumn) to signal the year’s end. I’ve finally figured it out, though. Winter here is green and brown. The sound of winter is lawnmowers. It’s the only time grass grows, and I love watching the local hills go from dull gray, to light green, to bright green. And then slowly fade to yellow and burnished gold, and eventually back to gray.


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