Winter yard

Little lovelies!

We’re pretty fortunate here in Northern California that we get lots of flowers blooming happily all winter long. Like these beautiful primroses. I’ve had the same plants for nearly three years, and they’re super happy.


And the Lenten Rose I got from the woman I met on one of my bike rides is slowly taking off. It’s growing a bit slower than I expected, but it’s growing!

My nigella is spreading out!

This clump of nigella – Love in the Mist – started from ONE seed and grew and re-seeded itself, and grew some more. I’m hoping that, over the next couple of years, it takes over this whole strip of dirt.

They're not blooming, but they're happy!

Remember my post about my geraniums? They’re growing fast! No blooms right now, but I expect they’ll start when we get a bit more rain. The butterfly bush on this side of the bed has really perked up too, and filled in quite nicely!

Look how they've taken off in this space!

This is the other butterfly bush, and it’s doing quite well too. As is the alstroemeria I transplanted from another part of the yard, and then stepped on, taking it down to only two little stems. Maybe it’ll even bloom this year! I’ve forgotten what color it is.


Oh, and I’d nearly given up on the tulip and other bulbs I planted here!


3 thoughts on “Winter yard

  1. Those butterfly bushes are going to be so pretty when they bloom. And I love your primroses. I could never get them to grow well in Kansas. Also love the Lenten Rose. I’ve never heard of it before, but it looked a lot like buttercups or Rose of Sharon to me, so I looked them up. Sure enough, they’re in the buttercup family. Here’s a neat site with some great information: They come in all sorts of colors, too. Thanks for sharing your garden.


  2. Oh, thanks for the link!

    I didn’t know what color the Lenten Rose would be, as the lady was giving away pots from all of her bushes… and they really were bushes. I hope that mine takes off eventually.

    There are big swatches of them at the college, and theirs are blooming profusely right now. I only have the one bloom.

    My primroses were originally planted in the front year, but nearly died with the summer sun, so they got moved to a bit of the backyard that gets full shade (with dappled sunlight) in the summer, and a bit more sun in the winter, once the trees have gone bare and the sun is in the south. As long as I keep the snails and slugs off them, they’re as happy as can be.


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