Lazy Black Beans

The other night, I realized that with my crazy school/work schedule, I hadn’t cooked anything new in a while, and we were running low on freezer supplies. So I put a batch of what I like to call Lazy Black Beans on to cook. I wasn’t even planning on eating them that night, just wanted to have something in the fridge/freezer for when we finally ran out of fish stew.

Basically, it’s “lazy” because I don’t do all the prep steps I would normally do. I quick-soak the beans by rinsing them, putting them in a pot and covering them with water, bring them to a low boil, rinse and repeat once or twice more (depending on time) and then consider them “soaked” and ready to cook.

I also don’t sauté any of the vegetables, which gives it a much more nuanced flavor. Instead, I just chop everything and put it in the pot, along with some still-frozen ham stock.

Put it all in the pot.

What you see above is everything that went into the pot: black beans (about 2 cups), yellow onion (chopped), roasted tomatoes (dried), a couple of dried peppers, garlic cloves (peeled, but not chopped), chorizo (cut into bite-sized pieces), and frozen ham stock (made from our Hogsgiving ham). We get the veggies and black beans from our farmer-friends at Tierra Vegetables, and the chorizo from Willowside Meats. So, it’s an all-local pot.

Once everything has been added to the pot, I cover it all with hot water, and let it cook on medium-low until the beans are the right consistency.


Doesn’t that look delicious?? I served it over some brown rice I cooked up using Pinch My Salt’s method, which really did turn out nice and non-gummy!


Look at that big chunk of garlic, peppers, and yummy chorizo! This was so nice to have to fall-back on tonight while I try to catch up on the zillion pages of reading I need to do by tomorrow.


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