Researching like a boss!

For my Applied Physical Science class, we have to turn in a site report, including maps and all kinds of research. So, earlier this week, I went to familiarize myself with the area of the library that houses the USGS maps and county/city reports.

I suspect I'll be spending a fair amount of time here this semester.

There are plenty of tables and cubicals for reading and studying. The third floor, where my materials are housed, is the “Quiet Floor.” And it was pretty quiet there, with people reading and working on their computers. But they was kinda spartan and boring, but when I looked around, I found this lovely room. It has lots of prints and movie posters related to Jack London. The maps says it’s the Jack London Collection room, but it also had another name, as a memorial to someone. I can’t make it out in this photo, and I can’t remember what it is. Whomever it is, it looks like a nice space to sit and read.

Or maybe I'll read in here.

And, here and there around the library, they have these weird little cabinets with weird little drawers.

I wonder how many of my classmates know what this is.


2 thoughts on “Researching like a boss!

  1. To really research like a boss, you must remember never to do the actual work yourself. You’d have to have a secretary or some other underling to send out to do the research for you so you, as the boss, can grab all the praise. Or at least have someone to pass the blame on to in case things didn’t work out as planned.


  2. True. So far, I haven’t figured out how to get a minion assigned to me, so I guess I’ll have to remain self-employed and do all the work myself. 🙂

    I actually lucked out and was checking out my map when a young woman was getting instructions from the teacher about her location, which was very close to my location, and she actually needed the same maps I did. I got to listen in on their conversation and pick up lots of ideas to help me.


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