A quickie!

No, not that kind of quickie. Just a quick post, continuing my thoughts about the simple things that make me happy.

Fruit-rollup undies!

Yeah, those are my undies. As someone who is fairly practical, I don’t often splurge on fancy underwear, and instead prefer the cotton kind that come rolled up in a tube or plastic box. It’s not something I think about often, but when I buy myself new undies, it’s like a little treat every day, just for me.

So luxurious and warm! And cute too!

I bought these socks for myself a couple of winters ago, and I still love them. I’m surprised at how well they’ve held up. They’re still as soft and plush as when I first got them.

PAX Headphones - for gaming and music

When we were at PAX last summer, they had a special price on this headset, so I splurged and got myself a pair. They’re the same brand that Eric researched and bought, so I was confident they were worth then $100 or so. I love them. Not only are they incredibly cute, they’re super comfortable. And, it saves Eric from having to listen to my disco station while I’m working.

They also convert to a gaming headset with a mic, so when I finally have some free time for MMO-ing, I can use them for that too. Someday.

The Stick

OK, so this doesn’t actually make me happy. It makes me cry. But in a good-for-me way. Don’t believe the marketing images they use on the packaging of the woman smiling while she rolls her shins. No, not unless that woman is on a LOT OF CRACK. Seriously. It hurts. Like a mo-fo. As in I have to have Eric roll me because it’s contrary to every human impulse to inflict that kind of pain on oneself. And it’s difficult for him to cause that kind of pain too.

But, after the pain comes the “ahhhhhh.” And with my new-found ITB issues, the stick is getting more play than ever before.



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