Where is my mind?

So, while I was so busy getting settled into school, figuring out my blog schedule, working, and taking care of things around the house, I thought I was doing great and handling everything expertly, and was rather proud of myself.

After the rains last week, Copeland Creek was running fast.

But, like a creek running high after a big rain storm, I wasn’t as in control as I’d though. As it turns out, there were several things that didn’t go as planned. I got a note from a fellow PaperBackSwap.com member letting me know that I’d sent the wrong book. Which means, I’d sent her book to someone else.

Just another shot of the duck pond, on a cloudy day.

I also lost my awesome BITCH hat. I hadn’t even had a chance to blog about how awesome it was (and I was planning on blogging about it). In between going to the gym, and going to get a snack before running a bunch of errands in the afternoon, I must have put it down somewhere and walked away because I so focused on the next stop.

A bit of color.

So, I’m taking the hint from the Universe before something even bigger shows up. Mindfulness is about the NOW, not the NEXT. It’s important to know what’s coming up next and to be prepared for it, but it’s far more important to be focused on what I’m doing right now. So, that’s where my mind is. At least right now.


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