Garden Class

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’m working my way through the Environmental Studies program at Sonoma State University. In addition to my classes for this semester, I’m doing a two-credit internship in the campus garden, spending approximately 6 hours a week doing whatever needs doing.

Not a great photo, but you get the idea

I spend my first official day in the garden on Friday, meeting the other students who I’ll be working with, and becoming familiar with the space.

Our first task was clearing out some of the beds and getting them ready for seedlings that were started last semester.

Not too many weeds, since they mulched with straw.

And then they pulled out a bunch of flats with various winter weather seedling — mustard, broccoli, various lettuces, and peas.

Here are some of the mustard seedlings I planted.

I’m looking forward to working on the garden over the next four months, and watching it transform from this restful, wintery space, to a vibrant, verdant garden.


One thought on “Garden Class

  1. One of my dreams is to go back to school for an Environmental Studies degree… I think any program where I get to work in a garden for credit would be amazing!!!

    The garden you’re working in looks wonderful.


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