I had a relatively productive week, and had grand plans for things to tackle this weekend. But I’m really really tired today. Like off the chart tired. Like, afraid-I’ll-fall-asleep-while-driving tired. So, I’m taking it very easy.

Actually, I’ve been tired quite a bit lately, and just managing to power-through it, but today it caught up to me. I can’t tell if it’s pre-sick tired, adjusting-to-a-new-schedule tired, adjusting-to-new-medicine tired (more about that eventually), need-to-get-my-thyroid-rechecked tired, or what.

This is what Self-Care looks like for me.

Of course, being tired isn’t enough to make me stay in bed all day.  Stuff still needs to get done. Laundry, dishes, cat litter, etc., aren’t going to do themselves. We did our weekend errands today, ran to the meat store (butcher), the grocery store (Trader Joe’s), the farm store (it’s actually a farm store, but we buy our cat food there), and the liquor store.

Now I’m at home, basking in the afternoon sun coming in through the livingroom window, sitting in the easy chair with the fuzzy blanket and Mr. Bob on my lap, sipping a cup of hot green tea, snacking on some citrus, and cruising the web.


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