The little things

I bought myself a new pair of slippers yesterday. Nothing fancy or expensive. Not even in my favorite color. But I’m still super excited about them.


My old slippers were falling apart. I’d only had them two years, but they just don’t make slippers like they used to, I guess. The previous pair of slippers had been my most favorite slippers ever, and they lasted nearly 8 years, with lots of cushion and softness left in them. I tossed them because they were just so dirty, even after hundreds of washings. I got a giftcard for the local department store, and so yesterday, I went and bought myself some fuzzy, warm new slippers.

I’m at school right now, in a cold classroom, and have a busy day filled with meetings, appointments, and, sadly, I have to take Mr. Bob to the vet this evening.

But I’m totally looking forward to getting home and changing into my new slippers.

Is there anything you look forward to doing when you get home?


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