Ain’t no stoppin’ me now – I’ve got the groove

OK, I haven’t really got the groove so much as I’m just trying to keep on truckin’, but that song’s not as fun as this one.

(I wrote this blog post last night, and then lost it because of stupid mistakes. I was too tired and frustrated to re-write it last night.)

If I haven’t mentioned it in a while, I’m in the Environmental Studies program at Sonoma State University. School started last week, and it was a busy busy week for me. It’s been a big adjustment for me, after all that time I had off. I gave myself permission to not blog much last week, because, frankly, it wasn’t going to happen anyway, so why force it?

The duck pond on campus - a nice place to have lunch in nice weather

I’m taking three classes this semester. It wasn’t a sure thing (and still isn’t, technically), as I’m only enrolled in two classes, and on the wait list for the third. The annoying CSU schedule is making it difficult to get classes I need. Of the 13 or so classes I need to graduate, only 7 are offered this semester, and it’s only to take 4, since so many are only offered once, and scheduled at the same time as the others. And since I refuse to take a night class, I was down to three options. The worst part? I’m on campus five days a week, for only one class each day. And my Friday class is a 4 credit class that meets only once a week. A four hour class?

Anyway, that’s just how it is.

The good news is that, after having gone to the first week of classes, I’m pretty sure I’m going to like all three classes. Each one promises to actually interesting and not too much work. The worst in terms of workload looks like it will be my Applied Physical Science class. That title doesn’t really tell you anything about what the class is actually about. It’s basically a site survey class, with emphasis on geology and environmental conditions. I’ll have to visit a site several times over the semester and write a couple of studies of the different aspects of the site. At least I can use my CSA site, which will help me with my ultimate goal of learning more about food production and sustainability.

The campus is beautiful, with lots of trees

My Applied Ecology class looks to be quite interesting as well. It doesn’t look like it will be quite as much work, but it includes weekly discussions which will be fun for me. I like reading and discussion concepts. That’s my preferred method of learning. And the professor promises to take ecology issues and tie them in with environmental studies, so it will be tailored toward my interests.

My Friday class looks to be the most interesting. Which is a good thing, since it is a four hour class — which are usually butt-numbingly boring. It has four professors. Yes, FOUR! It’s a inter-disciplinary course that spans Environmental Science, History, Anthropology, and Sociology. It’s called Shared Places, Contested Pasts, and will focus on how memory and culture are shaped by environment. I knew it was going to be cool when, in the first 10 minutes of class, the History professor made a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference. This looks like it will combine all the classes I’ve ever loved into one: history, sociology, and even anthropology. How cool is that?

The campus garden, and the Environmental Technology Center

Aside from classes, I’m trying to get into an internship working in the campus garden. That’ll be six hours a week working in the garden, with visitors and volunteers, and other duties that come up. Naturally, that’s exactly the thing I’m looking for, so I hope I can make it work.

As if that wasn’t already a lot to keep me busy, I’m still working part-time, and they’re trying to get me to do more hours. I’m hoping that I can get into a groove with school work quickly so I can get back into working more. We’ll see.

And, to keep things interesting, I’m still trying to blog more regularly here as well as over on Self-Rescuing Princess Society, and trying to keep up with my in-person book club, and the two (really, what was I thinking?) online book clubs? And there are all the plans I have for crafting and gardening and cooking and gaming and running (maybe even training for triathlons again) and ALL THE THINGS my brain keeps coming up with to entice me with.

Oy. That’s lots. Probably too much. I’m pretty sure I’ll be scaling back on some of that over the next couple of weeks. But, for now, I’m feeling a little hopeful. And a little stressed. But the hopeful part is I’m focusing on, for now.


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