Yes, I can can!

OK, so that’s not a very nice response to the friend whose present sparks this post. But it’s too appropriate to not use it.

See, my dear friend Cat, who is one of the first members of the Self-Rescuing Princess Society, gave me a bunch of canning-related paraphernalia for my birthday. And she really really hates puns.

She and her beloved John were so thoughtful, and probably a little hopeful, when they picked out these great goodies for me! Thoughtful in they know how much I enjoy gardening and how I pretty much fell in love with canning yummy jams and preserves this last Autumn. And hopeful that I’ll continue to share some of those canned yummies with them.

Yay! I can't wait to start using these lovelies!

I’m especially excited about the large canning pot. Until now, I’ve just been using my large soup pot, which works fine, but doesn’t allow me to use the handy canning basket! So, now I can can faster and easier!

It's so simple, it's beautiful!

And, to make sure I’m properly educated and inspired, they got this fantastically informative book by the Ball company, chock full of recipes and tips!

I think I need to read this before picking seeds for my summer garden!

And tucked inside the book was some fabulous seeds for my garden! They both know how much I love Brussels sprouts and I suspect they want me to make more of the yummy bacon roasted sprouts for them next time they’re over!


I also can’t wait to try the two tomato varieties they gave me.

What’s your favorite canning tip or recipe?


4 thoughts on “Yes, I can can!

  1. That sounds like an awesome gift. Unfortunately I have no tips or tricks. I’m actually quite apprehensive about trying canning myself, given the potentially hazardous outcome if you do it wrong. But I suppose people have been doing it for a long time, and I haven’t heard of too many folks dying from bad canning. I would really like to be able to save tomatoes for the winter.


    • I’m totally going to can a bunch of that scrumptious roasted tomato soup you got me addicted to. I’ve been jonesin’ for a bowl of that since the last time I had it back in September.


    • They really are great friends! As much as I’d love to get something really expensive, it’s these personalized gifts that mean the most. There’s a story behind all the items, and that makes them mean more than anything old thing picked up at a store.


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