Christmas Gifts – I think they’ve got me pegged

Every year, I get lots of great cooking-inspired presents for Christmas and my birthday, but this year I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot!

First off, I got this great Calaphon chili pot from Eric’s mom and step-dad. I haven’t cooked anything in yet, but only because we’re still eating leftovers.

So fancy compared to what we're currently using!

It’s really so much nicer than anything else I’m currently cooking with, which is sad. I’ve had several different Calaphon and stainless steel pots on my wish list for a while, but this is the first one I’ve gotten. I suspect once I start using this pot regularly, I’ll quickly tire of using my old pots and start begging for more.

+ + +

And check out these beautiful placemats Eric’s step-mom made for us!


Those are “my” colors! How did she know? They’re so beautiful, so colorful, so awesome! I love the mix-and-match patterns. When we have very large dinner parties (it’s been a while), I pull out all my placemat sets and mix and match them around the table. This gives that same feeling even for smaller dinner parties.

And they're reversible!

And the backs are just as pretty as the fronts! I can’t wait to have a real dinner party so I can show these off! And, yes, she and Eric’s dad have been invited over for dinner!

+ + +

But, as cool as those gifts are, check out this beast:


Yes, that’s a three-crock warmer! Who would use such a thing? Me! In fact, this got used for our New Year’s Eve/Birthday party, and it was so awesomely convenient and a great hit! I’m already planning the menu for our next party!

+ + +

You might have noticed that one of the birthday wishes for myself was “A Comfortable Home.” These kinds of gifts from family and dear friends goes a long way toward that goal. I am truly blessed!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts – I think they’ve got me pegged

    • I’m jealous of your stand mixer! I’ve had my eye on one for years, but I’m waiting to make it official on my wish list until our kitchen remodel is done and I have a place to put it.


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