Tickled Pink!

It’s fairly well-known that I like pink. I always have. Long before I associated it with being a “girly” color. To me, it has always been a very aesthetically-pleasing color. In fact, I tend to shy away from the more garishly-girly versions of it these days.

But even then, there’s still plenty of pink around me at any given moment. Even in my yard.

So vibrant!

I love this little geranium in the coveted front-door plant stand spot. It’s so cheery and welcoming. And it almost always has a bloom or two on it.

I love the colors, and the contrast with its partner geranium (not pictured).

When I wrote about my Geraniums a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t include this one, because it wasn’t blooming at the time. I bought it to be a companion plant with the darker variegated geranium.  Sadly, now that this one is blooming, the other one isn’t. Hopefully I can get them to bloom together eventually.

The butterflies love these!

My stock that I bought as part of my incentive to keep going to my Spanish class which I subsequently dropped (but I kept the flowers!) are blooming like crazy. The flowers look a little haggard by the sun and some bug attention, but they’re very popular with the bees and butterflies.

Such a cheerful weed!

I got some of this pink sourgrass at the farmers market years and years ago. I planted it in the tiny bed beside the garage at our other house, and it made a huge mound of lovely pink flowers every year. I have some in the ground here, but they weren’t looking very photogenic this morning. I have kept these in a pot because I’m not sure where I want to put them eventually.

Pretty little bells!

I got this pink flowering maple as a gift from a friend when we moved in here two years ago. I just love how it seems to give me never-ending flowers all year long. And the ants love it because it attracts so many aphids.

So simple and lovely.

My current favorite pink flower, though, is my little single rose. I bought this at the plant sale at the county fair over the summer. Pretty much immediately, it stopped blooming. Once I put it in the front flower bed, I diligently dead-headed it. I was afraid that maybe it had stopped blooming for the year, but when we came home from our weekend trip, I found several little buds on it, one of which opened up today!


2 thoughts on “Tickled Pink!

    • Yeah, well, we do pay the premium for living here. I was a bit surprised that the rose bloomed again, though. I was sure it was going dormant for winter. But, perhaps dead-heading it and then week of sun we had helped. Hopefully winter doesn’t show up all of a sudden and shock it.


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