This and that

I was digging around in my big bin of garden miscellany in the garage and found a bag of little Sparaxis bulbs I bought and forgot about last year. I figured I may as well put them out in the yard near the Fresia, which is coming up already.

Another patch of yard converted

Since I’m slowly working on pulling out the rocks, it’s just a circle of dirt at this point. But I decided to plant some radish seeds around the outside of the circle, and some lettuce inside. Who knows if they’ll come up but I figured it would be a good idea to use the space while I’m waiting to see if the bulbs come up.

I’m amazed at how many little butterflies have been flitting around these last couple of days. They’re visiting my flowers all over. Especially the gigantic Aster in the back yard. It’s all bent over because of the rains, and because it’s looking for the sun. But I hate to cut it back since the bees and butterflies love it so much.

The bees and butterflies are happy

Even though it rained earlier this week, I still wanted to water a couple of the plants in the back yard that get more sun than they should this time of year. I managed to make a rainbow while watering my pink Sourgrass. Pretty!

I love making rainbows



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