Sugar and Spice – ginger-pear preserves

Our ugly front yard came with six adorable dwarf apple and pear trees (three of each), all in a row along the southern fence in the front yard. Like all the other parts of the yard, they were severely neglected when we moved in. I attempted to prune them that first winter, but I don’t know much about how to do it well. Since then, I’ve just sorta let them do their own thing, with the hope that I’ll eventually figure them out. Maybe this winter.

Despite the profound lack of attention, we still get a fair number of pears each September. Far more than I can eat, which is a pretty significant number since they’re one of my most favorite fruits.

First harvest of pears

In years past, I’ve just given away extra pears to my friends and neighbors. But this year, high from my success in canning strawberry preserves, I decided to attempt another, more complicated, canning project.

I found a recipe online to use as a guideline. Since most recipes called for fresh ginger, and I didn’t have any on-hand at the time, I just used more candied ginger.

These were the first harvest, so very few bruises or worms

Pear slices soaking in lemon juice and water

Add sugar

Add the chopped ginger

This is before I figure out to put the lids in a smaller pot

Boiling the pears and ginger -- it smells soooo good!

Four jars of deliciousness!

I didn’t want to blog about these until I’d had a chance to try it, and I specifically wanted to try it on a pumpkin scone. I’ve now already gone through one entire jar, eating more scones than I probably should, just because this is so delicious!

Also, if any motivation is still needed to spruce up my pear trees to hopefully get them to make even more pears next year, this is it.


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