I love the simplicity of geraniums. Few common garden plants are so hardy and so colorful. I have fond memories of plant shopping with my Meemaw, who was ever on the look out for the perfect salmon-colored geranium.

Until a couple of weeks ago, I could have told you how many summers we’ve lived in our house by the number of geraniums I have. See, the first weekend we moved in, I bought a welcome mat and a bright red geranium to put in the plant stand by our front door. That geranium lasted in that plant stand through the baking hot summer afternoons and rainy winter months.

But it eventually started to look a bit ragged and sad, and I decided it needed to be either transplanted into a larger pot, or into the ground. I found a nice spot for it along the front fence, where I can see its vibrant red blooms from my livingroom.

So vibrant, I can see them from inside.

When I went to Home Depot to find a replacement, I selected a different kind of geranium. The kind with the pointy leaves and scalloped petals. This one was a striking burgundy and white varigated. Again, that one lived there all summer and into the winter. In fact, it lived in its pot long after it was replaced with a newer geranium earlier this summer, because I hadn’t cleared the spot for it in the re-working front window bed. It lingered in its pot so long, it really started to look like it might now make it. But it’s in the ground now, and true to geranium form, it’s fully recovered and blooming nicely.

I'm always amazed at how resilient these plants are!

This summer’s geranium is a  lighter colored pink one, with white on the backs of the petals. It’s happily gracing the front steps, where it will likely stay though the colder winter months.

How cheerful!

I wonder what color next summer’s geranium will be?


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