Just a quick check-in

I’m still super busy working at the Fair, which opened yesterday. But I had some free time this morning to take a quiet walk around my garden and yard. So much is happening there, and it’s all so very exciting! Seeds that I planted have sprouted and grown and are now flowering and making fruit! It’s all so amazingly awesome!

I planted a bunch of different kinds of beans. These are the little green beans I hope to start harvesting soon. Look how tiny they are!

Teeny tiny green beans!

And here are my nasturtiums. I planted seeds along this stretch of the fence because it gets a little more sun that the rest of that part of the yard, and the fence was kinda boring. I’m a teensy bit disappointed that this first flower is such a bright orange, since the seeds I planted were supposed to be the sherbet orange color, but I’m still thrilled that they’re growing and flowering in the first place!

My nasturtiums, with a flower!





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