A truly full plate!

I know I’ve been lax on posting new updates, and I’m sorry to say it’s going to be sparse around here for a while. I decided to take a summer job to keep my bank account balance on the positive side, and found one that will also help boost my resume in areas where I’d like to go — social media and marketing. I’m the new PR Assistant for the Sonoma County Fair. It’s a good job, and I’m learning a lot about how to approach social media from a business standpoint. I’m also helping them with my production and project management experience. It’s very interesting to get to see how the Fair works from behind the scenes. And the best part? The position ends after the Fair ends. Just in time for school!

In addition to that, I also signed on to do some part time contract work with a gardening start up website. It’s something I can do from home, and can expand as my availability grows. I’ve never worked on a website from scratch before. It’s pretty neat to see how the “machinery” behind the pages works. Plus, I get to research gardening info! How cool is that?

The only problem, of course, is that after work, I come home and work some more, and then I’m tired and go to bed. My crafting, gaming, and relaxing time are being cut back. And my online blogging and personal posting time as well.

I’m hoping that as I go along, I will find new routines and become more efficient with my time, and get back into a more regular blogging routine. I have some blog post ideas in the wings, just waiting for a spare hour here or there.


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