Oh Sunny Day!

Yay! The rain stopped! At least for now.

I went outside to take stock of what the rain and wind did in the yard. Thankfully, not much in the way of damage. Any loose twigs in our trees had already been pretty well harvested by the crows and jays for their nests. The larger branches that fell were still fairly small, and easy to clean up.

I did pull a lot of these little guys:

Baby Blackberry Bramble

It’s best to get them while they’re small. The hazard of living along the creek, I guess. The entire other side of our back fence is a giant blackberry bramble. It’s nice for the fruit, but it’s a constant battle against encroachment on our side of the fence.

The seeds I planted in pots last week are thoroughly water-logged, so I set them out in the sun to dry out and get warm. Of the 6 or so things I planted, only one has sprouted so far: the zinnias.

Starting seeds.

I did notice that my asters, which was one of the many things my friend Madaline gave me for my garden last year, are growing like the weeds they are. I’m happy to see them so healthy and tall already. And one of them already has flowers!

Asters, with some Forget-me-nots at the base.

Aster flowers

The volunteer radish “bush” has little seed pods all over it. I think I’m going to give cooking them up another try. Anyone have any good recipes? They look a bit like beans, and I keep hearing how tasty they are.

Rashish seed pods

My strawberry plants look happy-enough, but aren’t making any fruit yet. I may need to move them to a sunnier spot.

Strawberry plants

Of the flower seeds I started back in the winter, there are two that have done quite well. The first is the Cerinthe, Pride of Gibraltar. I just love this plant. I had no idea how it would turn out, and bought the seed packet basically because it was there, and it fit with my purple/blue idea for that part of the yard along the fence. It survived being put out just a week before a hard frost, and kept growing and growing. I started to wonder if it would ever make a flower, or how it would look. Now it’s covered with flowers!

Cerinthe - Pride of Gibraltar

The other is the Nigella, Love in a Mist, Persian Violet. The flowers are gone from this guy, but I love the seed pods almost as much as I enjoyed the flowers. I’m tempted to let it just go natural and re-seed itself.

Nigella, Love in a Mist, Persian Violet

And, while I was taking photos of those guys, I noticed that my gladiolus are coming up again! Hooray! I planted them last year, and they grew greens, but never flowered. I’m hoping this year they show me what color they are!

Gladiolus sprout

I had to check out the transplanted lavender, and see whether the slow rain helped it or hurt it. As it turns out, I think it might just live after all. It still looks kinda beat up and half-dead, but there are some promising new flowers and green leaves. With a little extra TLC, it might come out of shock and survive the summer.

Transplanted lavender.

Finally, the one part of the yard that makes me happiest right now — the gazanias. I just love these sunny little plants. And even more so because they seem to be hybridizing and reseeding themselves. I imagine in the next couple of years, this area will be filled with a variety of orange, yellow, red, and white variations!



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