Lemon Tree, Very Pretty

… and the lemon flower is sweet.

It’s still raining here, which is keeping from doing anything major in the yard/garden. But there’s still lots to make me happy.

In particular, this lovely dwarf Meyer lemon tree that Eric’s mom brought us on her visit last week. Seems Tom had bought it but decided not to keep it, and they thought we might enjoy it.

My new dwarf Meyer lemon tree.

Which makes me happy. I’ve wanted a lemon tree since before we moved in here. I planted it in a large pot for now. It may or may not go into the yard eventually.

Since I don’t know very much about how lemon trees work yet, I’m not sure if these are little lemon fruits just starting.  What do you think?

Dwarf Meyer lemon detail.


One thought on “Lemon Tree, Very Pretty

  1. Yes they are!! Boy you have a bunch on their way!!

    I have a meyer lemon tree also ; )

    My two HUGE greatgrapefruit trees that I’ve had since i was five have
    never bore fruit.. This is exciting!

    En joy,



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